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Site Specific / In-house Training and Assessment

Site specific or in house training and assessment processes can be an efficient and effective way to ensure your staff have the current competence, experience and knowledge that you need them to posses to ensure the safety of your clients and quality of your programmes.

Many organisations have found that due to the specific nature of their operation and activities the scope of the qualification systems available is to broad for there requirements, if their staff try to achieve these qualifications they need to learn and show competence with systems they will never use in their work environment, which just causes confusion and frustration.

Alternately some organisations have found the vocational qualifications that staff hold to be inconsistent and unreliable as a means of ensuring competence, the lack of practical moderation between the many organisations that deliver from the national training package means that standards and knowledge can differ greatly.

If either of the above situations sound familiar, and your staff operate in a controllable environment with limited variables, such as, indoor climbing wall, artificial abseil towers, ropes courses, small enclosed water ways etc. then a high quality site specific / in house training system could be exactly what you require.

Robust in house systems can be created for your organisation through utilising our technical advice, consultation and training services. Through engaging our services we can ensure you have a highly credible training and assessment process, that meets the needs of your organisation and staff as well as providing a pathway to ensure ongoing currency and competence.

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