Adventure Training Consultants – Denmark, Western Australia and Beyond

Outdoor Education

Coaching and instruction for outdoor education programmes

Outdoor education programmes can be of great value but require a lot of resources to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely whilst still ensuring participants gain learning and enjoyment from the experience.

ATC can assist in making this happen in two ways…

1. Supplying quality outdoor instructional staff

Using ATC staff is an economical way to have an  activity specialist involved with the delivery of your programmes.

Instructors and coaches involved with ATC are measured on a mixture of their

  • Qualification – verifiable qualification, involving a formalised training / consolidation and assessment process
  • Experience – their real life experience both professionally and personally
  • Competency – their current level of competency within the activities they work in

Instructional / coaching staff always work well below their personal ability level, this ensures they are in control at all times and work in a calm, methodical and productive manner.

Their current involvement and personal interest in outdoor pursuits ensures they have a high level of experience and enthusiasm which is past onto the groups they work with.

2. Design of outdoor programmes

We can assist in the design and structure of outdoor programmes to meet specific outcomes and requirements, helping to enhance the overall experience and enjoyment.