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Top tips for Outdoor Instruction

Date: 19th November 2015

Top Tips for outdoor instruction

Working as an outdoor instructor in different areas I have had the opportunity to work alongside many talented outdoor professionals, in this time I have “borrowed” (or blatantly stolen?) and used many of the different approaches that I have seen, below are a selection of the top tips that I have learned over time (there are many more, these are merely a selection of my current favourites).

  • Ensure your approach to all instruction is simple, effective and efficient

  • Negative instruction rarely has positive outcomes (be positive with instructions and demonstrations)

  • There is no such thing as a stupid client, only a bad instructor

  • Learn to lead your group from an appropriate position (not just the front)

  • If your group is bored, you are boring

  • Good judgement is critical as an outdoor instructor

  • Attempting to work beyond your ability or experience is not a good idea

  • Just because you have used the same approach for 20 years doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way

  • Avoid judging people by their appearance

  • Observe as many other instructors / coaches as possible, adopt or adapt what you like and learn from what you don’t

  • CLAP – Communication, Line of sight, Avoidance, Position of maximum use

  • If you can’t see your group, how do you know what they are doing? If you don’t know what they are doing, can you claim to be in control?

  • Have your own experiences and epics, don’t confine outdoor adventure only to work

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