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Outdoor Adventure in WA’s Great Southern Region

Date: 24th October 2016

Adventure activities in the Great Southern region of WA

With a change in season down here in the Great Southern comes a change in the adventures that are available to keep us entertained.

We have had an excellent winter which provided plenty of water to keep the rivers topped up meaning the whitewater kayaking and canoeing opportunities were plentiful, after four and a half months of quality levels (and some really good high water) the white-water season would now seem to be officially over.

The Frankland river has probably seen more WW paddling than it has in many years (possibly ever), with a few locals getting out regularly, a couple of visits from groups from Perth and instructional WW canoe and kayak courses using various sections, the river has received plenty of attention. Towards the end of the season it even had a bit of high quality filming done that will show off some of the best known sections in a bid to inspire more WW enthusiasts (hopefully the footage will be available soon).

The river had it’s own fun throughout the season claiming a few swims, two broken paddles, two lost paddles and a lost GoPro (and possibly a few others that I don’t know about?), hopefully we will come across the lost items and be able to return them to their owners when we go down at low water levels to sort out a few potential hazards.

Now the weather has changed it is time to look at other options for adventurous fun, down here on the south coast there is certainly no shortage of opportunities. The drier weather means that some of our fantastic rock climbing venues are good to go again, West Cape Howe, The Stirling ranges and Torndirrup national park are providing vast amounts of quality routes for getting onto.

There is also still paddling to be done, sea kayaking, open canoeing and surf kayaking will be taking up plenty of my time.

As always we are running a full range of skills and instructor training / assessment courses for all these activities throughout the year, if you would like to learn new skills or get qualified then give us a shout.

If you have never explored the adventure activities and areas of the Great Southern before then get yourself down here as you will not be disappointed.

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