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South Coast Sea Kayak Tours

There are some fantastic sea kayaking opportunities and trips to be done down here on the South coast, whether you are looking for an easy day out on the water or a day of challenge and adventure there will be a choice to suit.

Our sea kayak tours are custom guided trips designed to suit the needs of your group and the weather conditions on the day, we use closed cockpit single sea kayaks which are very efficent and a joy to paddle, we have a number of different craft options to suit the different shapes and sizes of our participants (if you have your own boat and equipment you are welcome to use that).

These trips best suit people who have some experience of paddling, whilst the boats we use are very efficent they can feel a bit challenging if you’ve never paddled in a real kayak before. If you have little paddling experience you will likley still be fine in the boats as long as you are fit, adventurous, outgoing and have a bit of balance.

We can tailor the trip to suit your specific needs and abilities, a few options for inspiration are outlined below,

Inlets and rivers trips – We have a variety of sheltered inlets and rivers in the area that make for a great day of paddling, the Wilson inlet and local rivers in Denmark, the King, Kalgan rivers in Albany and the Nornalup river in Walpole to name just a few. The rivers can provide a very scenic and sheltered option where as the inlets can allow for a bit more challenge and opportunity to see wildlife and harder to reach locations.

Harbours and sounds trip – Princess royal Harbour and King George sound are both steeped in History and are stunning locations with a range of wildlife that sometimes pops up. A trip here can incorporate a range of options depending on the level of adventure aimed for, it could take in Point Possession, the old Quarantine station, the wreck of the Cheynes II, the whaling station and a selection of islands in the Sound. Lots of options with all the fun aspects of sea kayaking in locations where some shelter can generally be found.

Coastline and adventure trip – For those that have experience and want to experience a bit more challenge the coastline of the southern ocean is spectacular and always manages to provide challenge even for the highly competent. There are a few large bays and interesting areas between Albany and Denmark that give us a great playground for sea conditions and rock hopping. Fun for those with experience and competence.

Duration – Full day

Location – Denmark / Albany – South Coast

Max number of participants – 4

Ratio – 1 instructor to 4 participants

Equipment requirements – Personal clothing appropriate for the weather, food and medication requirements (you are also welcome to bring your own Sea kayak and equipment if you have it)

Cost – $350 per person

Dates – All days subject to our availability and weather conditions