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Stirling Ranges Guided Classic Rock Climbs (multi pitch)

Talyuberlup peak climbs

Multi pitch rock climbing involves climbing a long route that ascends a large rock face often several hundred metres high.

This trip involves ascending a number of the smaller multi pitch routes on Talyuberlup peak in the magnificent Stirling ranges, this allows you to get a real experience of climbing some true Stirling range classics without the more serious and committing nature of some of the larger peaks in the area, typically we will climb one of the shorter (around 50 metres) classic routes that involves some steeper climbing as well as a longer (around 90 metres) scrambling route that is not as steep but that takes us up to the summit.

The Day – Your day will start off with meeting your guide and heading toward Talyuberlup peak, once at the parking area all the equipment will be organised and packed into bags for the approach walk to the base of the routes, the walk in is a fairly steep walk that normally takes around forty five minutes to an hour, this will definitely get us warmed up for the climbing ahead.

Once at the routes your guide will explain and teach you the skills required for the day, as these are “traditional routes” they will explain how they place protection as they climb and the way in which you remove it as you follow, after these points have been covered your guide will “lead” up the route and you will climb up after them, whilst climbing and throughout the day your guide will employ numerous systems to ensure your safety.

When the first route has been completed we will make our way back down and get started on our longer (but easier) scrambling style route, this route will take us to the summit of Talyuberlup where we can enjoy the views and take in the atmosphere.

At the end of the day we will make our way back down (via the approach path) to the vehicle and head home, another adventure over.

This trip is a little more challenging than some of our other climbing trips, the mixture of the relatively steep approach and a couple of pitches of steeper climbing, make it a little more physically demanding, having had a go at climbing previously would be a good thing but no major experience is necessary, to get the best experience out of the day you should be a relatively active / fit person with a sense of adventure.

Duration – 1 day

Location – Talyuberlup peak, Stirling ranges

Max number of participants – 2

Ratio – 1 instructor to 2 participants

Equipment requirements – All technical equipment (harnesses, helmets, etc.) will be supplied by us, you need to bring outdoor clothing appropriate for the weather as well as your personal requirements (lunch, medication etc.) for the day

Cost – $350 per person

Dates – Available all days weather permitting