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White Water Rescue Two course

Holders of this award have demonstrated the ability to manage rescue situations from kayaks or canoes and gear retrieval in whitewater environments up to grade three.

During this course you will be trained and have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities in a full range of whitewater rescue situations utilising contemporary approaches to WW rescue.

Participants on this course should have:

  • An interest and experience of canoeing or kayaking activities
  • Fundamental personal experience of paddling in WW environments
  • A level of fitness and health to allow them to operate in a cold physically demanding outdoor environment

If you have not previously participated on any courses with us, it is advisable to make contact to discuss your previous experience and knowledge to ensure that this course will suit our needs.

Course outline

During the three day course you will be trained and demonstrate abilities that meet the criteria as laid out in the PA whitewater rescue two award, this will be done in a holistic manner and will take into account overall abilities and judgement displayed throughout the three days, the course will involve, on water sessions, bank based sessions and rescue scenarios.

A summary of elements covered are:

  • Skill component – River mobility, wading, crossing, swimming, defensive and aggressive swimming techniques and skills in WW rapids, use of various techniques to rescue swimmers, guidance, reach, throw bagging, snag lines, towing, tow lines, vector pulls, z drags etc.
  • Knowledge component – Rescue priorities, equipment and correct use, roles and group management, range and limitations of differing techniques, risk management, safe rope use, knots, systems etc. Multiple swimmer rescues (throw bags), hydrology, injuries, patient care, evacuation
  • Experience component – You will gain experience of managing multiple swimmer rescues on grade two / three water through scenarios, whilst doing this you will need to show good judgement on – situation assessment, risk to self and others, group management, rescue methods, equipment and processes, rescuing multiple swimmers effectively, effective gear retrieval, evacuation
  • Communication component – Communication of priorities and continual assessment of situation, applying decision making, use of appropriate external communications.

The overall focus of the three days is to develop the skills and abilities required to be able to effectively rescue people and equipment in genuine WW environments, the content of the course is based on current thought processes and techniques used for rescue during paddling activities with the equipment generally carried by kayakers and canoeists.

Duration – 3 days

Location – South coast – Frankland river

Max number of participants – 6

Ratio – 1 instructor to 6 participants

Equipment requirements – All equipment required during WW paddling activities

Cost – $750 (participants are responsible for their own registration cost with Paddle Australia)

Dates – 3rd, 4th and 5th of August (or 26th, 27th, 28th of September)

Participants are responsible for the cost of registration of their award with Paddle Australia, the cost of registration is separate from the cost of  attending the course and is variable depending on how many qualifications /awards you have registered with PA.